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PDR Tools Shop sells paintless dent removal tools. The online shop  is very easy to use and ordering tools. Customers can buy these items which are usually shipped within 2 business days using express post or courier.

This shop specialises in the sales and distribution of one of the widest variety of quality Paintless Dent Removal products. PDR technicians have direct input in the type of tools being sold. We provide clients with tools they require. Regular feedback on the various tools and sets tested in the field suggest that in particular the design and materials are essential factors leading to:

– increased productivity

– ease of use

– performance

– quality.

pdr_trainingPDR Tools will offer regular reviews of these products will be placed on this website assisting clients with choice. From the quoting process, pushing and pulling of dents, to considerations of access points, our many of years of experience in the industry will assist you in your choice of products serving your specific needs.

If you are looking for PDR Training, feel free to check the latest PDR courses.

Visit The Ultradent Tools Shop as it has over 600 products of the Ultradent range.

Also products are meant to be updated at www.pdrtools.com.au/shop/

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